Commercial & Corporate Security


We will conduct an assessment of your security requirements and work with you to develop and implement effective security procedures and practices.  We provide a comprehensive range of services including CCTV monitoring, mobile patrol and access control. We understand the crossover between security and concierge responsibilities. Most importantly, we know our security team will be ambassadors for your organization. 

Construction Security


Construction sites are often open areas with very little in the way of borders or protection from unwanted access. Even with fencing and monitoring the entrance and exit, there are gaps. Having a professional security team allows you to protect valuable equipment, monitor trespassing, prevent damage, avoid theft and vandalism, and save lives.​ Our trained guards also report on other incidents, resulting in greater security and safety overall.

Condominium Security


We specialize in condominium security.  Our strength lies in working in close collaboration with property managers, condominium directors and residents to deliver a high level of quality service. As well as offering a one-stop shop for all your security needs, our condominium services include mobile patrol, access control, parking monitoring and concierge responsibilities.

Mobile and Parking Enforcement


  We offer a range of mobile services including keyholding and alarm response, mobile patrol, parking enforcement, lock and unlock services for commercial properties, and lone worker escorting. Our mobile patrol service provides a complete value added security solution ensuring stability and continuity of business. We conduct random spot checks to prevent criminal activity, and perform regular external and internal patrols at a variety of locations.

Hotel & Healthcare Security


We understand the importance of looking after your customers' needs and appreciate that it can be difficult at times. Security is an ever-growing issue. Our approach is to offer you the flexibility you need. Our services include parking lot patrols, floor patrols, security presence at certain locations, and any other specific requirements you may have.

Whether your facility is a hotel, resort, hospital, primary care facility, or a retirement home, we tailor your security services accordingly.

Event Security


Whether you require security for a sporting event, music festival, wedding ceremony or company event, we meet with you to design a customized security solution. We conduct a risk analysis and ensure the safety and security of your event. The success of our event security service is based on the quality and training of our guards. While ensuring the safety of your attendees, our friendly and responsive team adds value to the overall event experience.

Make the right choice

Permanent Service

We provide on-going, scheduled guard service based on your requirements.

Temporary Service

Whether you require guard service for just one day, or a few weeks, we can assist you.

Emergency Service

If you have an urgent requirement, we can provide you with guards within 24 hours.